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发布日期: 2018/08/25

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Maddy Li


JingJobs, launched in May 2014, aims to help young, bilingual and local job seekers find jobs in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. We are keen to help Y to establish contacts with entrepreneurs and other small and medium enterprises through our unique platform. Similarly, we strive to help start startups, find core team members efficiently and effectively, and find employees and interns through our service, human resource manager. We provide support in all core human resource processes - from identifying needs and job vacancies, assisting in recruitment, selecting processes to the training process.


The Content Manager’s primary responsibilities will be:


·      Lead the generation of content that engages Chamber’s lobbying stakeholders and results in measurable action.


·      Supporting, developing and formulating chapter and Chamber strategy with the secretary-general, general managers, and other national heads.


·      Managing the overall process for the production and delivery of all major Chamber print publications, including content, budgeting, scheduling, translation, design and layout, editing, proofreading, and printing.


·      Producing EURObiz on a bi-monthly basis.




·      Lead the delivery of EURObiz on a bi-monthly basis using internal and external channels. This includes conceptualizing the theme; researching, commissioning, writing and editing all content; liaising with contributors; writing and conducting interviews; managing art direction and layout, and color proofing.


·      Manage EURObiz online, including re-purposing all articles and artwork for online publication and ensuring all articles have maximum search-engine optimization.


·      Oversee the distribution of EUROBiz, both online (website and app) and the hard copy.


·      Supervise the process for the production of all major Chamber print publications including EURObiz, the Position Paper, local position papers, the Business Confidence Survey and other reports.


·      Lead the editing of all major Chamber print publications, including Position Paper, local position papers, the Business Confidence Survey and other reports, to ensure the quality and accuracy of language and consistency of messaging across all publications.


·      Proofread all Chamber print publications to ensure final copy is high quality and error-free.


·      Lead planning of the editorial calendar and coordinate contributors for growing online content of EURObiz.


·      Edit the Chamber national newsletter and Beijing local newsletter.


·      Coordinate with marketing team on strategies to increase traffic to the EURObiz website.


Government Affairs


·     Develop a thorough understanding of Chamber lobbying issues and ensure Chamber messages are communicated and distributed effectively and consistently through all channels (newsletters, magazine, website and other publications).


·     In coordination with the GA team, mapping, prioritizing, developing and maintaining close relations with key Chinese and European authorities/ organizations


·     Input in Chinese and EU GA-related work




·      Work closely with local chapter teams and other functional teams.


·      Identify and organize new business research and information gathering


·      Develop new communication initiatives serving for lobbying


·      Participate in new project development and/or presentations


·      Manage and develop two staff to help deliver the above tasks:


-  Publications Coordinator


-  Designer


·      Support the design and creative needs of all departments and chapters.


·      Ensure the publication process is within budget and on schedule.




·      Manage overall responsibility for planning the annual publications budget.


·      Ensure that all planned publications do not exceed budget.


·      Provide a forecast for the publications budget on a monthly basis.


·      Provide an accurate cost breakdown for any new, out-of-budget spend that is requested by the secretary general and other chapters.


Other duties required by the general manager and secretary general


Desired skills & experience


-       Native English speaker


-       Exceptional writing and editing skills to organize content/information in a clear, reader-friendly, structural manner is essential


-       Good knowledge of and interest in the Chinese commercial, economic and political environment


-       Attention to detail, a focus on content and a creative and journalistic flair to writing


-       Excellent project management skills, independent worker, self-motivated


-       Basic knowledge of publication-related design software, such as InDesign, PhotoShop or Illustrator


-       Creative skills


-       Human resource skills – manage and develop team members, and motivate staff, members, partners and other stakeholders to provide content


-       Possess very strong communication skills


-       Organised and professional, and must be able to work well in a multi-cultural office environment and coordinate well with colleagues in other cities


-       Other European languages and Mandarin are a plus.


-       Willingness to travel occasionally


-       At least 2 years previous experience working for a newspaper, magazines or other publications, and over 3 years managerial role


-       A bachelor's degree in communications or journalism is preferred


How to apply


Submit cv, personality assessment questions expected salary to   as soon as possible. Please also clearly indicate in the subject heading "Application for Content Manager".

Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Personality Assessment Questions:

1. What do you know about the work of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) and of Chamber of Commerce organizations in general? (Min. 80 words)

2. What particular knowledge or skills do you have that would make you successful in this position? (Min.100 words)

3. What type of work do you enjoy most? (Min.120 words) 


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